Monday, December 1, 2008

School Prayer.

Yes, well, I normally have no problem with religion, but today it was pushed too far.

Today, I was actually forced by a ateacher to say the school prayer at assembly. Like, the whole school says the school prayer before the whole assembly starts, and I am in no way religious, and feel no need to say "In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen." at any point of my life, so I didn't say the school prayer.

Just before the second last line, a teacher noticed I wasn't saying it and made urgent gestures at me to start saying it, and threatened to punish me if I didn't. Well, EXCUSE ME but I am not freaking conforming you your pathetic little Anglican ways.

I don't mind religion, if religious people just keep to themselves about it. Forcing a religion upon someone is just wrong! It's like forcing someone not to wear glasses even if they can't see without them.

What a stupid teacher. I mean, he was forcing me to ask some imaginary person up in the clouds to bless my school. WTF? I don't particularly want my school to be blessed, I mean, what does blessing a school even do?? And what does "Amen" mean? It's just a random nonsensical word!

Eurgh, my school sucks.

Annoyed Sonomi.