Monday, December 1, 2008

School Prayer.

Yes, well, I normally have no problem with religion, but today it was pushed too far.

Today, I was actually forced by a ateacher to say the school prayer at assembly. Like, the whole school says the school prayer before the whole assembly starts, and I am in no way religious, and feel no need to say "In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen." at any point of my life, so I didn't say the school prayer.

Just before the second last line, a teacher noticed I wasn't saying it and made urgent gestures at me to start saying it, and threatened to punish me if I didn't. Well, EXCUSE ME but I am not freaking conforming you your pathetic little Anglican ways.

I don't mind religion, if religious people just keep to themselves about it. Forcing a religion upon someone is just wrong! It's like forcing someone not to wear glasses even if they can't see without them.

What a stupid teacher. I mean, he was forcing me to ask some imaginary person up in the clouds to bless my school. WTF? I don't particularly want my school to be blessed, I mean, what does blessing a school even do?? And what does "Amen" mean? It's just a random nonsensical word!

Eurgh, my school sucks.

Annoyed Sonomi.


kate said...

Ellie. I didnt know you had a blog. did you delete your myspace or was it cancelled or something, b/c that is what it is telling me when i try to comment me. please tell me you didnt do it. i still use myspace. it is not yet a thing of the past.
i also have a blog. you should read it. and then i will comment yours

Ann Nonymous said...

Just try and insert random words like llama into the school prayer...and its got to be In the name of our lord, Jackie Chan, Allama. =P
I personally despise the hyms, as they seem to go forever...just when you think it will finish there another 2 verses...WTF!

And if your wondering why I bothered writing that, it is because I am avoiding my multi-coloured geography homework...which happens to be way to colourful to be healthy XD

Caxistar said...
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OneCard said...

Oooh, who may this be? I'm trying to work it out. I'm also trying to work out why I chose the fake name Sonomi.

Ann Nonymous said...

I am me. No more no less.
Who else would have too much multi-coloured geography homework? Fortunately I dont have any for the long weekend, or my teacher would be SHOT! He who sets homework to interrupt my fishing walks a dangerous path...XD

OneCard said...

I am having no problem figuring out who it is anymore. XD