Monday, December 1, 2008

School Prayer.

Yes, well, I normally have no problem with religion, but today it was pushed too far.

Today, I was actually forced by a ateacher to say the school prayer at assembly. Like, the whole school says the school prayer before the whole assembly starts, and I am in no way religious, and feel no need to say "In the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen." at any point of my life, so I didn't say the school prayer.

Just before the second last line, a teacher noticed I wasn't saying it and made urgent gestures at me to start saying it, and threatened to punish me if I didn't. Well, EXCUSE ME but I am not freaking conforming you your pathetic little Anglican ways.

I don't mind religion, if religious people just keep to themselves about it. Forcing a religion upon someone is just wrong! It's like forcing someone not to wear glasses even if they can't see without them.

What a stupid teacher. I mean, he was forcing me to ask some imaginary person up in the clouds to bless my school. WTF? I don't particularly want my school to be blessed, I mean, what does blessing a school even do?? And what does "Amen" mean? It's just a random nonsensical word!

Eurgh, my school sucks.

Annoyed Sonomi.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Yergin Harbermaster

At school they are clearing out the computer files, so students have to copy what they want to keep from their files and take it home and stuff. Well anyway, I found these stories that I have kept in a folder entitled "Random Kid With Mullet". The reason the folder is called this, is because someone came into the library while I was making it and they had a horrendous mullet and we couldn't work out whether they were a girl or boy. They weren't even a kid...It was like a gardener/repairperson. Anyway, enough about that. Well I found some stories, and I wish to share them with you. Here you go...(BTW, I possibly could have been stoned when I wrote these, or maybe just high on lemon juice)

Reihaag Yakatungtargoobydoolaadimsimteetoo was an ordinary boy, with an extraordinary name. Many people fainted at the sight of his name, his last name particularly. This little quirk of his meant that Reihaag had no friends indeed. Well he had one friend, the only person in Australia who could pronouce Reihaag’s name without certain faintness. Reihaag’s friend’s name was unpronounceable to anyone on earth (and sounded quite like an elephant discussing the weather if it was pronounced), so he was used to strange names. Reihaag and his friend spent many happy hours reading books with no words, only pictures of words, about flies and butterflies. But really, they did not like these books, they only read them for popularity (note: this tactic DID NOT WORK). Anyway, they both went to lunch with smiles on their faces. THE END

And another one....

This is a story. It has a moral meaning and it is an insight into somebody’s life. (quote from my friend's English teacher)

Sarah was a girl. She had more than a million hairs on her head, this was quite an achievement. Her hair was in fact blonde, and it got in the way while she was doing her wood carving. Sometimes she’d carve her hair instead, which made her angry and punch somebody. Sometimes herself. Sarah got sent home from school for violent behaviour during wood carving lessons on a regular basis. Sarah also had blue eyes. Somebody once told her that they looked like sapphires but they were immediately put into a mental institute. Sarah was sick of her blue eyes and blonde hair so she dyed her hair black and got some purple contacts.

But this story isn’t about Sarah, it’s about her duck’s friend’s sister’s owner’s son. Called Brian. Brian was 14 and rather brilliant at soccer. He was the best player of the season for 3 consecutive years. Actually this was not true, but Brian liked to use it as a pick up line. Brian was really awful at soccer and didn’t like it anyway. He preferred cake decorating. He was the only boy in his entire school that took cake decorating as a class. Actually he was the only person in the school that took it. No one was actually sure if this course existed. It seemed like cake decorating existed, as Brian always came out of his “class” with a beautifully decorated cake, but it was suspected that he just made them at home and brought them to school to look cool. This was a very stupid thing to do, and even Brian thought this, but he was so addicted to decorating cakes that he just continued doing it.

Brian’s best friend’s name was The Egg. The Egg was a small boy with brown hair who loved to play on the swings at lunchtime. The Egg was happy all the time and got on with everyone, but he chose to hang out with Brian because he felt sorry for him.

The Egg got his nickname when he was in Year 1. He was new to the class and the teacher was introducing him to the class.

“Tell everyone your name. Go on, they won’t bite.” Said the annoying teacher of little mind power.

“Hello everybody! My name is…”

At this point, The Egg got distracted by two adolescent boys egging the principles car.

“THE EGG!” said The Egg.

The class was thrilled at this new development, as they had never heard such an interesting name. No one knew The Egg’s real name.

Anyway, Brian and The Egg had a wonderful time every lunch, swinging on the swings, sliding on the slides and hanging upside down on the balcony wall (it was never discovered how they did this). Brian was never bullied because he had such a cool friend. He lived for 10 years more before being hit by a bus while standing on his head in the middle of a freeway. THE END.

And finally...

One bleak, dreary morning, a girl called Matthew went for a ride on her tricycle. She rode down her street, past the milkman on his way to work (he was an engineer), past the evil letterbox that ate and swallowed everyone’s letters before regurgitating them and sending them to the person they were sent to, past Mrs Ladylamp, washing her clothes with her cat, and finally stopped at the multicoloured pedestrian crossing lights (which were very changeable and red only meant stop on Tuesdays). Today the lights were pink, meaning that Matthew should stop, do a U-turn and go home. So she did. THE END.

Hope you had fun. Thanks for bearing with this! (that made little sense)


Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just lately, I have become obsessed with Japanese music. I don't know how and I don't know why. But it is just awesome. Well some of it. Some of it it all high and pianoy and bad. But the stuff I like is kinda like rock, but not really. Yes...

Japanese bands have such random names. The Brilliant Green, Budo Grape, Berry Roll are some of the less weird ones. Most of them try to use English words in their names to sound cool, but cannot translate them properly and their name just FAILS.

But it's not only Japanese music that I like. I think I am just obsessed with Japan. I am amused by the way lots of Japanese girls talk through their nose without sounding completely retarded, and how they wear mini skirts in the middle of winter, somehow, without freezing to death.

And also how many Starbucks they have in every street, I don't even think they have any other type of coffee shop.

And I love all the strange little shops with clothes and stationary that have failed English translation written on them.

And I love how safe and clean everyone tries to be in Japan, with their little indoor slippers and face masks when they get a cold.

And Japan has such beautiful gardens, with koi and funny little trees and ponds everywhere. And the cherry blossoms, they are lovely.

The Japanese language is so different to English. It makes so much more sense than English though. I wish I could speak Japanese...

Yes. I love Japan. The End.


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spring Excitement At School

Any now, ladies and gentlemen, I will give you an amazing, mind blowing account of what happened this morning...

The air was thick, the ground was shaking...Ok not really, but the ground sort of shook when my friend ran down the stairs. Anyway, she ran down the stair and announced:
"Come look! A pick and grey galah is stuck on the roof! Some randoms are throwing stuff at it!"
We all decided that we must take a look at this exciting specimen and possibly stop those people throwing stuff. So we went upstairs and looked on the roof.

"Aww...It's a baby!" squealed some random girl.
So then a group of girls decided that they must make it fly by throwing food at it. So someone went and got the gardener.

"I must end this terrible happening!" exclaimed the gardener (BTW, I am exaggerating a little...Just a little).
So bravely, the gardener climbed onto the roof and walked along the gutter, towards the poor little bird.
The bird tried to run away, up the apex of the roof. It edged its way up the steep roof in a desperate attempt to get away.

But then, a calamity struck! The bird had gotten to the steepest bit of the roof, and then it fell. It slid down the steep roof like a giant slide. It gained speed and fell directly into the gardener's hands.

The crowd that had now gathered applauded loudly (This actually DID happen). Some people were even crying (This happened too! XD). The gardener was deemed a hero.

The day continued and reenactments of this event too place, the whole school probably knew about it by recess.

And that, my friends, is what happened at school this morning. :D

Hope you enjoyed!


Sunday, November 2, 2008


What do you do on the weekend? Because I bet it's much more interesting than what I do. Like, yesterday I slept in until the middle of the day, watched TV and went over the shops to buy something for Mum. That was the extent of my Saturday. WOO. I guess today will be much the same, except maybe with some fish bowl cleaning and homework in between.

Weekends are screwed up.

Maybe I shall get a job to whittle my weekends away.

Good idea.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've been thinking and imaginationing and now I have some drawings. :) Here you go:


This is a house torn apart by nuclear war.


This is a drawing based on my eye.


This is my dog.

There you go. BTW I won a camera! I am so excited! I'm taking billions of photos. :D

Lovely day everyone,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Word Procession (AGAIN)

It's a miracle that I ever actually get anything done in this damned class. All I ever seem to do is e-mail and blog. But who cares, it's word processing and the teacher is completely oblivious. And anyway, I processing words right the that must count for something.

Sometimes I wonder whether our teacher actually knows whats going on at any time, but he doesn't seem to notice anything. Maybe he's lost that part of his brain that determines authority, because he is absolutely crap at it. Maybe someone should tell him. Maybe not. I like him this way, it means we don't have to do work. Oh well, one day he'll retire and then I'll have a teacher who actually makes you do the word processing tasks. If that day ever comes, I won't be doing word processing anymore. So it won't matter in the slightest.

Have you ever played Mavis Beacon Typing? Well if you haven't, you should, because of it's highly informative and educational factors, and plus it's so exceedingly fun that you get addicted to it. Seriously, not. Spare yourself I beg you.

Anyway, my fellow classmate is reading over my shoulder so I will end this post now.

Cheers, Sonomi.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Greek Tragedy

Well, it's not Greek and it's not a tragedy, but I have just discovered something. I am the queen of procrastination! I never actually do anything, I just put it off or pretend to do it and it never gets done and I feel like rubbish! Yay! Well, I am going to put a stop to this...someday.


I don't smoke BTW. It's just a symbol.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

In The Mind

I've been thinking a lot about people. What they do, why they do it, and why the hell they even exist. I know this girl from my school who is quite non-conformist. And she doesn't give a shit about what other people think. I've never talked to her before, but I really like her. I watched the world go past, and came to this. Want a story? Here's one.

"My name is Ellena. I'm 15." she announced to the class.
"I have short brown hair and big glasses."
Some people in the back row laughed.
"I often get teased for my glasses, but I don't really mind, because I know if they got glasses, they would be the black, generic kind."
A girl in the front row started drawing love hearts on her file.
"I like photography, science fiction and painting. I get my inspiration from things I see, unusual thing, in everyday activity. Yesterday I saw a man with his coffee, sitting in a cafe. Rather than drinking the coffee, he merely looked at it, read his paper and left. Strange."
A boy aimed a paper ball at the bin and missed.
"I'm a vegetarian."
Some girl snorted.
"But I do not condemn others for eating meat, their body, their choice."
"Lately, as watching the world go by in front of my eyes, I've noticed something wrong with this place. We're all so similar. So clone-like. Walking around in packs, chatting over trivial problems. Where have our aspirations gone?"
The boy who threw the paper had fallen asleep.
"Have we all been sucked into this trail of endless lies? Promising us popularity, beauty and wealth for the sake of our personal happiness, do you believe them?"
"Yes." said a blonde-haired girl quietly while she picked at her nails.
"These lies have shaped our society, turning us into mindless replicas of each other, taking control of our own character."
"well I refuse to abide in these unspoken laws of social behaviour. Being different makes us who we are, and without that, we are nothing. Nothing but glorified robots, programmed to follow a set pattern of behaviour which is socially accepted. Well, I refuse to let me go."
The teacher started writing in her diary.
"Leave conforming to conformists, I want to be individual."
No one could tell if she was finished.
"Thank you." she said.
A few people clapped weakly but became bored and stopped.
"Miss Melrose?" asked the blonde girl.
"Where are we going for lunch out tomorrow?"
"McDonald's." she replied.

Well, I hope you liked that and it made you think about something, anything.

Enjoy your life,

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Wooo! It's October holidays now, and I just returned from my holiday house down in the country! :):):) I love it down there, heaps of gum trees and fishing. FUN. Hehe, my younger cousin came with our family and he spent the whole time hooning our boat around the river, getting covered in dirt and farting. Not what you would call ideal, but it was okay anyway. I was just unpacking, and I reached into my bag for my hair clip and came out with a bleeding finger! There was an old razor down the bottom of my bag! OUCH! :(

Anyway, I'm off to find sewing patterns!

Love, Sonomi.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Word Processment...

Here I am at Word Processing again, having much fun as usual...The teacher is animatedly (monotone) reading out what we must do for TASK 4 and everyone is blatantly ignoring him. It is rather boring indeed. I think I may play a game to cure my boredom. Yes, a good idea.


Friday, September 19, 2008

My Bad (ish) Day

Today I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing and thought to myself, "This is going to be an awful day". I hit the snooze button a couple of times and then finally got up, just in time to realise that I had hardly any time to get ready for school. I quickly packed my bag and got dressed and stuff, and headed in the direction of the bus stop. After a few minutes I realised that I had missed the bus. So I had to ride my bike to school, my school skirt kept getting stuck in the wheel and my hair was a giant mess.

First Period: Trigonometry, I thought I understood it all until I realised that all of my answers were wrong and when I asked the teacher for help I understood little of what he explained.

Second Period: Sport, we played softball (which I am, incidentally, rather crap at) and I managed to sprain my ankle about 15 minutes into the lesson.

Recess: I spent too much time getting changed from my sport uniform so I had about 2 seconds to eat my food.

Third Period: Religion, yes my all time favourite subject, where we get to talk about God and Jesus and other such nonsense. This was slightly better because we got to watch a movie, but still, it was titled "JESUS!".

Fourth Period: Fashion Illustration, I spent the whole lesson trying to work the malfunctioning scanner for my friend and got nothing done.

Fifth Period: Year Meeting, we got lectured about our uniform and had to write a feedback note about something. But I did get to see my friends.

Lunch: Slightly better, got to see all my friends and eat and ice cream, but most of it was taken up by going to the PE office to get basketball notes.

Sixth Period: Chemistry, testing on antacids! YAY! Not. I spilt many things and the results weren't working the way I wanted.

Seventh Period: History, we got to join with another History class with one of my friends in it (yay!) but we had to watch an altogether boring TV series about 19th Century settlers which had very bad acting and filming.

Then I got home and my sister made it all better for me by buying me a milkshake and some donuts. :D Although my dad felt the need to lecture me on how much time I'm spending on the computer, so it's be a VERY FUN DAY! (note the sarcasm)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Word Processing

I am currently in a class that the school calls "Word Processing", where you are meant to "learn how to type properly", but I'm pretty sure the students have renamed it "The Class Where You Muck Around Playing Games And Blogging" because that's what it is. Sure, we do work sometimes, but it is usually intertwined with searching the net for pictures, playing games on Coloured Games, and emailing each other. Obviously there is a teacher in here with us, but he is absolutely clueless! One time I was sending an email to my friend's sister when I was meant to be doing a "Typing Test" and he was like, "How's your work going?", Completely oblivious to the fact that I was doing no work at all. Really, right now I'm doing some of my History homework and he just doesn't even notice! What a weird one.

Anyway, I finally managed to finish that History assignment, and weirdly enough it's about twice as long as everyone else's, who actually planned out their essay properly...That is peculiar.

Well I won't bore you with anymore of that nonsense, now for soemthing completely different...A short story! :D Here you go...

One fine morning, Sarah awoke to the sound of her brother singing a Queen song with much enthusiasm. Tis was not unusual because her brother belonged to a choir devoted to Queen.
"Let's do the time warp aga-a-a-ain!" he sung.
Wait, that's not Queen, thought Sarah, that is Rocky Horror Picture show! WHAT IS GOING ON?!
Well, Sarah never did get to find out the answer to that, because she immediately got hit on the head with a broom and went into a 2 year coma. THE END. that wasn't a very good story...but oh well. :D

Thanks all, Sonomi.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

My All-Round Idiocy

This is extremely idiotic of me, I am meant to be working hard on my History assignment, yet I have become caught up in this Internet world of my own...Curse you, you enticingly enormous group of interesting websites! Why do you taunt me so? I am, I repeat, I AM, going to ignore these...oh so lovely websites until I have finished my History assignment, but how? Damn this Internet business, you are keeping me from my homework! :(

Homework Rant

For anyone attending high school at this present time, you may share this ultimate hate: Homework. Why do we have it? It is terribly annoying! Ok, so I know it adds to our overall learning for the duration of our school time, but really, why do we have to do it on the weekend? And why do they make all the assignments due on the same day? Seriously, what the hell?

I am a very disorganised person usually, and this weekend is no different, I just found out that my History assignment is due tomorrow, and not in a week. Well, I say, thank you world, this is terrific. I really wanted to be spending my time doing this stupid biography of Truganini instead of watching Veronica Mars. Really! It's true...Okay, I'm not being entirely honest, I really DID want to watch Veronica Mars! And I wanted to draw some random pictures and possibly cook some cookies, but NOOO, I have to do this entirely STUPID and RETARDED History assignment.

Well, I'm glad I got that off my chest. I will revert to more interesting bolg topics very soon.