Friday, September 19, 2008

My Bad (ish) Day

Today I woke up to the sound of my alarm ringing and thought to myself, "This is going to be an awful day". I hit the snooze button a couple of times and then finally got up, just in time to realise that I had hardly any time to get ready for school. I quickly packed my bag and got dressed and stuff, and headed in the direction of the bus stop. After a few minutes I realised that I had missed the bus. So I had to ride my bike to school, my school skirt kept getting stuck in the wheel and my hair was a giant mess.

First Period: Trigonometry, I thought I understood it all until I realised that all of my answers were wrong and when I asked the teacher for help I understood little of what he explained.

Second Period: Sport, we played softball (which I am, incidentally, rather crap at) and I managed to sprain my ankle about 15 minutes into the lesson.

Recess: I spent too much time getting changed from my sport uniform so I had about 2 seconds to eat my food.

Third Period: Religion, yes my all time favourite subject, where we get to talk about God and Jesus and other such nonsense. This was slightly better because we got to watch a movie, but still, it was titled "JESUS!".

Fourth Period: Fashion Illustration, I spent the whole lesson trying to work the malfunctioning scanner for my friend and got nothing done.

Fifth Period: Year Meeting, we got lectured about our uniform and had to write a feedback note about something. But I did get to see my friends.

Lunch: Slightly better, got to see all my friends and eat and ice cream, but most of it was taken up by going to the PE office to get basketball notes.

Sixth Period: Chemistry, testing on antacids! YAY! Not. I spilt many things and the results weren't working the way I wanted.

Seventh Period: History, we got to join with another History class with one of my friends in it (yay!) but we had to watch an altogether boring TV series about 19th Century settlers which had very bad acting and filming.

Then I got home and my sister made it all better for me by buying me a milkshake and some donuts. :D Although my dad felt the need to lecture me on how much time I'm spending on the computer, so it's be a VERY FUN DAY! (note the sarcasm)

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