Monday, September 15, 2008

Word Processing

I am currently in a class that the school calls "Word Processing", where you are meant to "learn how to type properly", but I'm pretty sure the students have renamed it "The Class Where You Muck Around Playing Games And Blogging" because that's what it is. Sure, we do work sometimes, but it is usually intertwined with searching the net for pictures, playing games on Coloured Games, and emailing each other. Obviously there is a teacher in here with us, but he is absolutely clueless! One time I was sending an email to my friend's sister when I was meant to be doing a "Typing Test" and he was like, "How's your work going?", Completely oblivious to the fact that I was doing no work at all. Really, right now I'm doing some of my History homework and he just doesn't even notice! What a weird one.

Anyway, I finally managed to finish that History assignment, and weirdly enough it's about twice as long as everyone else's, who actually planned out their essay properly...That is peculiar.

Well I won't bore you with anymore of that nonsense, now for soemthing completely different...A short story! :D Here you go...

One fine morning, Sarah awoke to the sound of her brother singing a Queen song with much enthusiasm. Tis was not unusual because her brother belonged to a choir devoted to Queen.
"Let's do the time warp aga-a-a-ain!" he sung.
Wait, that's not Queen, thought Sarah, that is Rocky Horror Picture show! WHAT IS GOING ON?!
Well, Sarah never did get to find out the answer to that, because she immediately got hit on the head with a broom and went into a 2 year coma. THE END. that wasn't a very good story...but oh well. :D

Thanks all, Sonomi.

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