Saturday, October 4, 2008


Wooo! It's October holidays now, and I just returned from my holiday house down in the country! :):):) I love it down there, heaps of gum trees and fishing. FUN. Hehe, my younger cousin came with our family and he spent the whole time hooning our boat around the river, getting covered in dirt and farting. Not what you would call ideal, but it was okay anyway. I was just unpacking, and I reached into my bag for my hair clip and came out with a bleeding finger! There was an old razor down the bottom of my bag! OUCH! :(

Anyway, I'm off to find sewing patterns!

Love, Sonomi.

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kate said...

when you say our holiday house in the country, it makes it sound like we have some sort of holiday resort of our own. its not people. its just one step up from camping. its good