Monday, October 27, 2008

Word Procession (AGAIN)

It's a miracle that I ever actually get anything done in this damned class. All I ever seem to do is e-mail and blog. But who cares, it's word processing and the teacher is completely oblivious. And anyway, I processing words right the that must count for something.

Sometimes I wonder whether our teacher actually knows whats going on at any time, but he doesn't seem to notice anything. Maybe he's lost that part of his brain that determines authority, because he is absolutely crap at it. Maybe someone should tell him. Maybe not. I like him this way, it means we don't have to do work. Oh well, one day he'll retire and then I'll have a teacher who actually makes you do the word processing tasks. If that day ever comes, I won't be doing word processing anymore. So it won't matter in the slightest.

Have you ever played Mavis Beacon Typing? Well if you haven't, you should, because of it's highly informative and educational factors, and plus it's so exceedingly fun that you get addicted to it. Seriously, not. Spare yourself I beg you.

Anyway, my fellow classmate is reading over my shoulder so I will end this post now.

Cheers, Sonomi.

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