Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just lately, I have become obsessed with Japanese music. I don't know how and I don't know why. But it is just awesome. Well some of it. Some of it it all high and pianoy and bad. But the stuff I like is kinda like rock, but not really. Yes...

Japanese bands have such random names. The Brilliant Green, Budo Grape, Berry Roll are some of the less weird ones. Most of them try to use English words in their names to sound cool, but cannot translate them properly and their name just FAILS.

But it's not only Japanese music that I like. I think I am just obsessed with Japan. I am amused by the way lots of Japanese girls talk through their nose without sounding completely retarded, and how they wear mini skirts in the middle of winter, somehow, without freezing to death.

And also how many Starbucks they have in every street, I don't even think they have any other type of coffee shop.

And I love all the strange little shops with clothes and stationary that have failed English translation written on them.

And I love how safe and clean everyone tries to be in Japan, with their little indoor slippers and face masks when they get a cold.

And Japan has such beautiful gardens, with koi and funny little trees and ponds everywhere. And the cherry blossoms, they are lovely.

The Japanese language is so different to English. It makes so much more sense than English though. I wish I could speak Japanese...

Yes. I love Japan. The End.


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