Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Spring Excitement At School

Any now, ladies and gentlemen, I will give you an amazing, mind blowing account of what happened this morning...

The air was thick, the ground was shaking...Ok not really, but the ground sort of shook when my friend ran down the stairs. Anyway, she ran down the stair and announced:
"Come look! A pick and grey galah is stuck on the roof! Some randoms are throwing stuff at it!"
We all decided that we must take a look at this exciting specimen and possibly stop those people throwing stuff. So we went upstairs and looked on the roof.

"Aww...It's a baby!" squealed some random girl.
So then a group of girls decided that they must make it fly by throwing food at it. So someone went and got the gardener.

"I must end this terrible happening!" exclaimed the gardener (BTW, I am exaggerating a little...Just a little).
So bravely, the gardener climbed onto the roof and walked along the gutter, towards the poor little bird.
The bird tried to run away, up the apex of the roof. It edged its way up the steep roof in a desperate attempt to get away.

But then, a calamity struck! The bird had gotten to the steepest bit of the roof, and then it fell. It slid down the steep roof like a giant slide. It gained speed and fell directly into the gardener's hands.

The crowd that had now gathered applauded loudly (This actually DID happen). Some people were even crying (This happened too! XD). The gardener was deemed a hero.

The day continued and reenactments of this event too place, the whole school probably knew about it by recess.

And that, my friends, is what happened at school this morning. :D

Hope you enjoyed!


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